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Suggested configurations

A single Stock-Block™
has unlimited uses

Stack two to give
products a lift

Side-by-side and you've made
a 24-square-inch platform

Now you're getting it!
Step displays are a breeze

Just rearrange for
a whole new look!

Need that platform higher?
Just build up!

are a snap

Support legs offer
even more flexibility

Legs and panels create
limitless potential

Keep building up
for any application

Need more shelf space?
No problem

Special needs
demand versatility

I'm thinking
power aisle!

Lift it up,
and build it out

Bring it down
to pile stock up

Need it bigger?
No problem

How's that
for a surround?

A few more
Stock-Blocks™ and ...

Snap in some support legs
to enhance and expand

Now we're
just having fun!

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